Wills & Probate

Making a Will is one of the most important things you can do to protect your family. It does not matter whether you have a large estate on not, a Will can help to ensure that your wishes are carried out when you die.

Longfords Solicitors can help you to include all necessary provisions in your Will and make sure it is legal and valid so no challenges can be made once you’ve died.

Considerations When Making A Will

When putting together your Will, think about:

We will draw out all of the important information for you and ensure that your Will is professionally drafted and correctly witnessed and signed so there can be no legal challenges to it.

How Can Longfords Solicitors Help You?

Longfords Solicitors has been helping clients in Oldham and Greater Manchester make their Wills for over 20 years and we can help you too.

We provide you with excellent service and we offer a free initial consultation so we can discuss the Will writing process and advise you about the costs involved. Our fees for Will writing commence at £600.00 plus vat. Final costs will depend on the value of the estate and assets of the testator and the arrangements he wishes to make.

Probate Services – Non contentious

We provide probate application services for individuals on death or intestacy. This includes where a person dies with a will in place and also where they die without a will. Below is our typical range of prices for our services and details of what is included.

Cost of probate

Charges for probate services vary greatly depending on the nature of the matter. As an indication here are some examples of how we may help you:

A grant only application this will depend on what information is available and whether there is any inheritance tax to pay. A typical range of costs would be between £1000-£5000 plus VAT, excluding any disbursements i.e. payments to any third parties.

Estate administration – Again this will depend on how quickly and easily the deceased’s assets can be collected and how easily the beneficiaries can be traced. Typically the costs will start from £5000 plus VAT.

Method of charging

We usually charge for our work on an hourly basis. All our fees are subject to VAT at the current prevailing rate of 20%.

Other charging arrangements

We do not charge by reference to the value of the estate. Nor do we offer a no win no fee arrangements for this type of work. Our work is based on the time spent as per the agreed hourly rate of the solicitor dealing with the matter plus VAT.

Disbursements/expenses or other costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties

• Court application fee. Presently this sum is £273.00. Vat is not payable on this.

There are also likely to be the following additional expenses/ disbursements. The actual cost of the expense will vary depending on the case and circumstances.

• Trustee Act advertising fees to find out creditors and debtors etc and to protect the personal representatives. These depend on the publication.

• House clearance fees and insurance fees

• Surveyors fees for property valuations if required as part of the estate management

• Expert fees for valuation of the deceased personal items or chattels

• Oath fees in order to apply for the grant of probate

• Death certificate fees

• Genealogy or other tracing fees

Services and key stages included in our typical retainer for a probate matter will be as follows

• Discovery of assets and liabilities
• preparation of any necessary application or court papers
• advertisements
• assessing and paying any inheritance tax due
• applying for the grant of probate or the letters of administration where there is no will
• obtaining release of funds from the relevant institution
• dealing with any other requirements of the testator including any trust requirements
• preparation of final estate and trustee accounts
• distributing the relevant legacies and payments
• liaising with executors or administrators beneficiaries, the court, HMRC and any other relevant third parties
• obtaining property insurance where necessary
• including tracing of beneficiaries etc


Should the matter become contested then of course it will not be covered by the retainer in respect of the probate matter. We can at that point refer you for specialist advice to discuss contested matters.

How long will it take?

It is difficult to give precise estimates. Many factors determine how quickly matters can be dealt with. The deceased’s estate may be very complex and there may be many organisations involved in the process, such as banks, beneficiaries, insurers, accountants HMRC and estate agents. We are of course dependent on those third parties and how quickly they deal with matters. In addition, it is advisable not to finalise an estate until all claims have been received. Anyone wishing to make a claim on the estate has six months from the date probate is granted to make such a claim against the estate. Accordingly, we would always recommend expecting the process to take at least eight months to a year, sometimes longer.
And of course, if the deceased did not leave a will and the estate has to be administered under the intestacy rules, then the process may take longer. This is due to the extra work involved in establishing the deceased’s estate and tracing as well as identifying the beneficiaries. The most common factors that increase timescales and also therefore increase costs are

• checking the validity of the will
• the willingness of family members and beneficiaries to cooperate with us
• extensive enquiries with beneficiaries
• obtaining the death certificate especially if the death was abroad
• dealing with the deceased’s property, to include house clearance, insurance claims etc
• where the deceased had a complicated estate with multiple accounts and properties with complex financial planning
• If the deceased had foreign assets or estates that can immediately lead to lengthy delays as foreign organisations usually take longer to deal with and to respond
• If there are business interests which need to be valued or dealt with or if there are trust matters
• Preparing deeds for trusts or variation documents
• locating missing beneficiaries and obtaining missing beneficiaries insurance if required

Your lawyer
Your probate matter will be dealt with by Mr Ashraful Alam,  partner of the firm. He has over 25 years post qualification experience.  He will be assisted by support staff who can give you regular updates and deal with day-to-day and routine updates on your case.

Our experienced team of solicitors have many years’ of experience in Wills, probate and estate planning and we can provide a detailed quote to make your Will.

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What Clients Say

I have been working with them for many years. I’m a commercial landlord and have issues all the time with tenants whether it’s in relation to a dilapidation claim, rent review or the renewal of a lease. I know I can rely on them to give me the most cost-effective advice. My business is my livelihood and I rely on them and have been doing so over the years to tell me what’s right for my business. I always keep going back to them as I feel they always treat me as number one.

Came to Longfords after making several telephone calls and I wanted a document preparing at short notice in respect of some loan facilities. Not only were they able to turn it around within a short period of time, but also at a very competitive price. I couldn’t have asked for more. Would use them again, and have recommended them to my friends and family. I don’t do that lightly!

I have been using Longford’s for many years. Being in the construction trade I have used all sorts of lawyers from big multi partner firms to niche specialist outfits. But Longfords are always my first port of call, especially for site developments/disposals etc.

I know that I can rely on them to get all the paperwork ready for me on time.

I instructed them to act for me in relation to a property purchase. Being a first-time buyer, I was nervous and anxious. However, I was reassured and kept informed throughout. Ash was always available at the end of a telephone line when the documents/ emails got too much for me. To top it all Longfords fees were very competitive and certainly cheaper than some of the online conveyancing quotations that I obtained.

As an accountant, I deal with many lawyers – always difficult to get hold of them. Good thing about Ash is that when he promises to call me back, he always does. I can’t remember the times where I’ve had to speak to him out of hours and he has always been accommodating.

Always going above and beyond the call of duty. We like using them because of the added value they provide; advising us about aspects which we wouldn’t normally consider as part of a deal. On far too many occasions they have saved us from extra expense or headache in the future.

Approachable friendly service, we can rely on them to simply get on with things and keep our best interests at heart.

Top-notch service, have been using them for years. Straightforward simple, clear advice.

Thanks Tahir. You did a great job recovering my losses after my previous solicitor let me down when he didn’t apply to renew my business lease and I ended up paying far more rent than I should have been. I am very happy with the compensation you got for me and now I can concentrate on running my business.

Now that my problem is sorted, I just wanted to say a quick thank you. My partners had been causing so many problems in our business, I thought the only way to resolve matters was to go to court and I was afraid of that because it was going to be so expensive. I am grateful that you understood the problems and came up with an solution which meant everyone walked away reasonably happy. You saved me a lot of headache and money! Thanks.

Thank you, Tahir for helping us with our problem. I am sure we could not have persuaded our neighbour to restore the right-of-way to our property which he blocked without your help. We were very worried but you helped us through it carefully in a way that we were very happy with. I will be sure to contact you again if I need a solicitor.

Thank you so much, Tahir. I’m very pleased with the outcome of my claim after severing a tendon in my finger in my work accident. My company have now accepted that blades are not suitable equipment for the work we were doing and have provided everyone in the company with rotary cutting tools. Also, health and safety has become a lot more important within the company and they now carry out “tool box talks” every month. Thanks again.

I was recommended to Longfords by a friend. They have very professional and understanding staff at this firm. They were very easy to speak to and the information they gave me was clear and jargon free. A pleasure to deal with.

Linda went over and above all our expectations when she acted for us when we bought our house. We felt she became more of a friend than just our solicitor. Fantastic service, thanks.

All good, keep up the good work. You gave me a good friendly service and I will recommend you to my friends.

A big thank you to Linda Taylor from Longfords for dealing with my conveyancing. You were recommended by my mortgage broker and I was very satisfied with your service. You kept me in the loop at all times and took the time to explain anything I didn’t understand with great patience. Linda’s customer service was excellent.

Longfords was recommended to me by a friend and it was really easy to contact them. The service that was provided was above and beyond my expectations. Tahir went out of his way to get my mortgage completed. I would gladly recommend Longfords to anyone.

I just want to say thank you for helping me get compensation for me and my family from the criminal injuries compensation authority. I didn’t even know that we could make a claim until you told me that I could when you were helping me with the purchase of my house. You were very sympathetic and caring towards us in what was a very difficult time. You made sure that we got the maximum we were entitled to after advising us to reject the first offer and I could not be happier with the service you gave me.

I contacted Longfords after coming across their website when my son was injured in a road traffic accident. They contacted me straight away and explained how they could help my son get compensation in a very easy to understand way. The partner dealing with my case, Tahir, kept me up-to-date with my son’s case throughout and I was very happy with the compensation my son received. I would be certain to recommend Longfords to any of my friends and have already referred one of my friends to them.

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